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How to Grow Potatoes in Autumn

This is is my latest crop of potatoes- Dutch creams and Ruby Lou. Just delicious. Now is the time to think about planting an autumn crop. Mostly people only think about planting potatoes in spring when all the “seed potatoes” arrive in the nurseries and hardware stores, but to extend your production you should be trying…

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How to Grow Organic Garlic

Growing Garlic Garlic is easy to grow and to my taste  home grown bulbs have a much superior flavour to shop bought bulbs. They do not have the acrid after taste present in aged bulbs and most processed product. Although Garlic does not take up much room it is in the ground for 10 to…

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The last of the summer vegetables

  The last of the summer vegetables It is not too late to put in a final crop of summer vegetables. So take some time this week to look at what has grown well for you over the last few months and been nice and productive. Think about which of these plants have you found…

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Garden Activities for Kids in Summer

  Welcome to Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability with Kids for 2014 This month, given there is still a little time before school resumes, I thought we might look at some sustainable activities to do with the kids outside. One of the easiest ways to be more sustainable and to reduce your carbon foot print…

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