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How to make Beetroot Relish

  I like to grow beetroot all year round by planting around 20 seeds a month. Now this normally allows enough for everyday salads, roasting and juicing, but every so often I get a few that grow too big to be used in this way. What I like to do with them is turn them…

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How to Make Basil Pesto

Making Basil Pesto February is basil making time. In the highlands I have to wait till late spring/ early summer for the soil to warm up enough to get  seed to germinate or plants to grow well. Once in, I feed and water well for 12 to 14 weeks. Then as soon as I see…

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Growing organic strawberries

Growing organic strawberries   Love strawberries but worried about eating them or giving them to your kids, after all the bad press about the amount of chemicals they can contain? Want a great way of getting the kids engaged in growing something? Why not try growing your own organic strawberries- it’s easy! Strawberries will grow…

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