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How to Grow Organic Onions

  It is the time of year to be thinking about getting ready to plant your onions. All onions need to be grown in full sun with well-drained, fertile soil and some added organic matter. They prefer a slightly acidic pH (6 to 6.5) and dislike competition from weeds, so either mulch or keep weed-free.…

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Using and Preserving your Apple Crop

    How I am using and preserving my apple crop this year As you would have seen recently from my Facebook post, we picked a great heap of apples this year. I have tried over the last couple of years to store as many as possible in the “beer” fridge (much to the disgust…

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    Successive planting is an important part of making sure that your garden is growing all year round, and producing the food that you and your family need. Follow the purple circle weeks below and you will ensure that you are constantly in supply of fresh greens, herbs and vegetables all through the season.…

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How to grow Broccoli Sprouts- the new Superfood!

  OK so it has been a week and I am now eating my nutritious broccoli sprouts. They are delicious, crisp, nutty and a little bit hot in the way radishes are, but softer. I had intended to juice them but they are so good I am just eating them from the bowl. I put…

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