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Why fertilise the vegetable garden after heavy rain.

The recent storms on the east coast have caused gardeners a few challenges. In my own garden I am having to contend with wilting vegetables due to excess water, wind damage, especially to large vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower that due to their size, were whipped around savagely causing root damage. There are a…

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Growing fruit trees in small spaces.

Following on from my blog on growing espalier apples, I thought I would share my other method of growing fruit trees in limited space. This is for those that do not feel they want to go to the trouble or don’t have the time and skills to try an espalier system. This space is 14m…

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The Joys of organic Rhubarb

Rhubarb, one of those wonderful plants you can pop in a corner and forget about. Then every time you want rhubarb and apple pie it is there to pick and cook. Unfortunately for me after an extended dry season, followed by an excessive wet period, my rhubarb died. I was devastated as I have never…

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