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Pruning cool climate fruit trees.

Here is a quick overview of the basic pruning requirements for the most common cool climate fruit trees. You can read my other posts on Pruning Fruiting Trees and Pruning: Equipment Needed here. It is always a good idea to have someone show you how to prune and point out what is fruiting wood/buds and…

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Pruning: Equipment needed.

For successful pruning to occur it is important to use the right equipment. Using the right equipment for the pruning task you have will mean that the task will be easier for you and the wounds inflicted on the plant will heal quickly maintaining the health of your plants Most gardeners can manage with just…

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Pruning Fruiting Trees

Pruning is the process of removing parts of a plant for health reasons or to encourage certain types of growth. Not all food bearing plants require pruning, whereas some species benefit greatly if pruned correctly and pruning requirements are often specific to the species. The need to do any sort of pruning should be well…

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Backyard fruit growing.

Photo sourced from nurseriesonline   If you would like to try growing your own fruit such as peaches, apples, blackberries and raspberries now this is the time to get into nurseries and check out their bare-rooted stock. Even in the smallest of backyards there is room for several fruit trees and some berries. Most fruit…

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