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Gifts from the Garden – Tarragon Vinegar

Each year when the tarragon puts out its first flush of new growth after hibernating all winter I make tarragon vinegar. This is not hard to do and the resulting product is, I think, superior to the expensive, hard to find store bought alternative. Tarragon is one of the classic French cooking herbs with a…

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Saving the Apple crop!

This morning I went for my normal weekly stroll around the garden to formulate my “To Do “ list for the weekend. Fortunately the first thing I found was a couple of issues with my espalier apples. So if I am to save the crop I needed to spend today doing a few intervention jobs.…

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Preparing your garden for extended dry periods and drought.

  Following on from my blog about preparing your garden for extremely hot days, and as we head into summer, I thought a bit of advice of preparing your garden for extended dry periods would be appropriate. The 1997-2009 drought in eastern Australia was one of the longest and most severe droughts the country has…

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Preparing your garden for extreme weather events.

  It is not your imagination, according to www.climate , there are more extreme weather events occurring. The hottest day, the worst frosts, strongest winds etc So over the next few weeks I would like to share with you some of the ways I prepare my garden for these extremes. Firstly let’s look at…

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Guest Blogger: Kathy Finigan shares her thoughts on the role of community gardens

A special thanks to Connect to your Community Garden for having me write on her blog this week. A topic that I’m so passionate about, and would love to work with more.

Planting Basil

For me, the middle of October is basil planting time. Although I have experimented with lots of different basils I still seem to prefer the annual sweet basil (Ocimum basilicum). Fresh Basil is a must in Thai beef salad, with fresh tomato on bruschetta, on pizza, in a Napolitano pasta sauce and ratatouille, when the…

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Growing Spring Onions all year.

It can be a bit confusing when talking about spring onions (or are they shallots or are they scallions) as there are lots of small onions with lots of different names, but when I am talking about spring onions I am referring to the onion which produces a slender white stem and hollow, cylindrical, dark…

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How to keep a continual supply of Coriander and Rocket growing in your garden all year.

Coriander and rocket are both leaves I use constantly, and in great quantity, in the kitchen, therefore I need to keep a continual supply happening in my garden all year. This is not without its challenges, but over the years I have developed some strategies that ensure I have both these delicious herbs available for…

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Harvesting and using your Asparagus crop

  Spring = Asparagus. I love spring for the fact that it is asparagus season. It is a luxury vegetable that I look forward to each year. It has a relatively short harvest time, but is one of the many products I do not buy as it never tastes the same as the spears picked…

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Finger limes are often referred to as citrus caviar due to the delicate “crystals” of pulp contained within the fruit. They are a small leafed, spiny native citrus with insignificant flowers, that do not have the usual beautiful citrus perfume. So why would you want to grow them? Several years ago I tasted native finger…

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