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How to grow Broccoli Sprouts- the new Superfood!

  OK so it has been a week and I am now eating my nutritious broccoli sprouts. They are delicious, crisp, nutty and a little bit hot in the way radishes are, but softer. I had intended to juice them but they are so good I am just eating them from the bowl. I put…

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Sprouting seeds and growing micro greens inside this winter.

  I have decided to have a go at growing my own sprouts and micro greens. Why? A few reasons: Firstly I love the flavour and crunchiness of sprouts and although micro greens are really trendy at the moment, they add such a great burst of flavour and freshness to a plate that they really…

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Top 10 Recipes using Broccoli

  Boil it, steam it, and stick it in a stew- no I am not talking about po –tay- toes like Sam from the Lord of the Rings- but the many uses for Broccoli. You only have to google broccoli to get a plethora of information about the nutritional benefits of eating Broccoli. It is…

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Autumn the Ideal time for Planting Broccoli!

  Broccoli would have to be one of my favourite vegetables to grow, not only because it is tasty and nutritious, with many uses in the kitchen, but also because it is so productive. If it’s looked after properly you can keep harvesting from the same plant for months. For those of you in temperate…

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How to make Beetroot Relish

  I like to grow beetroot all year round by planting around 20 seeds a month. Now this normally allows enough for everyday salads, roasting and juicing, but every so often I get a few that grow too big to be used in this way. What I like to do with them is turn them…

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Growing organic strawberries

Growing organic strawberries   Love strawberries but worried about eating them or giving them to your kids, after all the bad press about the amount of chemicals they can contain? Want a great way of getting the kids engaged in growing something? Why not try growing your own organic strawberries- it’s easy! Strawberries will grow…

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The last of the summer vegetables

  The last of the summer vegetables It is not too late to put in a final crop of summer vegetables. So take some time this week to look at what has grown well for you over the last few months and been nice and productive. Think about which of these plants have you found…

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Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability with Kids

Sometimes, explaining the big concepts to kids about how we can do the best thing for the planet is a hard place to start. At the same time, summer is a great time for kids activities and getting kids to help in the garden is a great way to start establishing great helping habits! I…

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