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Mulching Your Garden

  I have delayed mulching the ornamental garden and orchard over the last couple of months because it was so dry. Now we have had a good soaking I will be spending the weekend spreading as much mulch as I can around my entire garden. I do this for a number of reasons. Firstly now…

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Preparing for spring and summer planting-growing seedlings

  So this week’s blog will wrap up my series on getting prepared for spring planting. We have our seeds in hand and our beds prepared, so with just a small amount of time each week we can now start getting our plants started. I like to spend just ½ an hour every week on…

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Preparing your Garden Beds for Spring and Summer Plants.

    Once I have chosen what I want to plant for my spring and summer crop, the next step is to think about what you are going to plant where. Most experts and books will talk about ridged adherence to crop rotation in the annual vegetable garden, and whilst I understand and believe it…

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  I get alot of questions about what veggies to grow in pots, thanks to the work that I did on that vertical garden last year. Growing veggies in pots is a great way to not only brighten up often bare and bland balconies, but its a great way to cut down a bit of…

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Autumn the Ideal time for Planting Broccoli!

  Broccoli would have to be one of my favourite vegetables to grow, not only because it is tasty and nutritious, with many uses in the kitchen, but also because it is so productive. If it’s looked after properly you can keep harvesting from the same plant for months. For those of you in temperate…

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Successive Planting and How to Grow Snow Peas

I love gardening in autumn, the temperatures are lower and there is usually enough rain about so you don’t have to be constantly watering newly planted seedlings and seeds. It is my favourite time of the year in the vegetable garden, lots happening but not as frenetic as spring and not as demanding as summer.…

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