OK so it has been a week and I am now eating my nutritious broccoli sprouts. They are delicious, crisp, nutty and a little bit hot in the way radishes are, but softer. I had intended to juice them but they are so good I am just eating them from the bowl. I put them on top of toast and peanut butter for breakfast this morning and yesterday in a chicken sandwich, so easy.

So is is worth the effort ?– definitely. It is all fairly simple and if you do not mind having a jar sitting on your kitchen bench permanently then you should have no problems.

broccoli sprouts day 2

Recommendations: I  need to do larger amounts and have two jars going at once, a few days apart to keep a continual supply happening. I  probably need to find a cheaper way to buy organic seed in bulk, the small packets that come with the kits are really only a weeks supply. The original tablespoon of seeds has given me about half a cup which I used in 2 days just nibbling on them and putting it on toast and a sandwich. If I  wanted to used then in stir frys and salad, to feed more than one, I would need to be producing much more than half a cup.

Finished grown broccoli sprouts health benefits

So here is how it all happened: Rinsed seed and socked in tepid water for 6 hours. Rinsed again and left to drain on the sink, once brained placed on the kitchen bench. Rinsed and drained every morning and night for 4 days. On the 5th day emptied contents into a bowl of warm water rinsed well and skimmed off all the seed hulls. Then carefully poured to sprouts into a strainer. There were a few un germinated seeds at the bottom of the bowl which  I discarded to the chooks. Place sprout in a lidded container and refrigerated. It is recommended they are used in two days- did not have enough to worry about this but if producing larger amount will need to remember this.