I get alot of questions about what veggies to grow in pots, thanks to the work that I did on that vertical garden last year.

Growing veggies in pots is a great way to not only brighten up often bare and bland balconies, but its a great way to cut down a bit of your food bill and keep great food at your fingertips.
Depending on both how much space you have, which veggies you like to eat and how much you need to harvest to feed your family, any of these veggies will work really well, and can be turned into some delicious food!
Im currently working on writing growing guides for all of these vegetables, so please to check back to the list below through the year!
1. Successive planting for Greens

2. How to grow Silverbeet

3. How to grow potatoes in Autumn

4. Beautiful Radish and Rocket salad

5. How to grow organic (spring) onions

6. How to grow leeks in Pots

7. How to grow Tomatoes in Pots

8. How to grow Capsicums in Pots

9. My infamous Ratatouille – or ‘How to sneak zucchini into your kids diet”

10. How to grow Chilli’s in Pots


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Posted on June 15, 2014 in HOW TO GROW

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  1. […] These plants are all designed to be most productive, particularly for a pair that eat alot of salad and asian foods. However, they are also fairly low maintenance and could be quite easily adapted for your own garden. For my definitive list of the Top 10 Veggies to Grow in Pots, check out this great Infographic. […]

  2. […] be very limited- best to concentrate on high value production per cubic meter, rather than what is easy to grow. Learn more about why we should grow our own food […]

  3. […] take up very little room and can be popped in to spare spaces all year or grown in a pot. A pot just outside the kitchen door is very convenient  so you can pop out and grab a few to include in your favour dish as they make […]

  4. […] in hot weather, like coriander and lettuce or plant in a cool shaded position. – If you have plants in pots move them into the shade before an extremely hot day or for the duration of a heat wave. Next week: […]


  6. […] I first starting growing sorrel I was advised to keep it is a pot as it is said to take over, but in the pot it would not flourish and just kept running to seed – […]

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