es, yes we know we know, we have spoken about growing onions before.

But we had a lot of feedback on our Facebook with people asking for something simpler. Something that really broke it down to the core tasks, that could be printed out and hung in the garden shed.

Its important that you aim for the winter solstice to get your onions in the ground, in the Southern Hemisphere at least.

This is not a hard and fast rule, as nothing in gardening ever is. A couple of weeks before, and a couple of weeks after will still work for you, but much earlier or later, and you’re starting to run the risk of not giving the bulbs enough time to develop.


remember to use both Seasol and Powerfeed to make sure that you get nice, full bulb growth, which is what you’re looking for in an onion!


i really want to know if you have  found this infographic helpful, and if you have gotten your onions in the ground by now!

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