Hello Balcony Gardeners!

Get started with your vertical garden:

So great to see you have followed us this far – we are now getting to the part of this series where YOU need to do some things!
Now is the time where you need to start buying your supplies and getting ready to get your garden made up at home!

So here is the list of things you will need. Ive included links to where you can get all these supplies, which are available at your local Bunnings store – if you check the items out online, you can make up a shopping list to take in store so you dont forget anything!


What you need for your Balcony Garden

Irrigation pipe and drippers – measure length, design system, work out how many drippers- one for small pots two for large pots so all sizes are watered sufficiently in the same time.

Bird netting and stuff to attach it if birds are a problem in your area

Shade cloth blind and stuff to attach it

Two cedar screens – you can pick these up from your local Bunnings store, I used this one; but for a more budget friendly option, use this lattice cut to size.
You will also need some Dynabolts to screw into the masonry, and probably a little Sika Anchorfix to put into the drilled hole – to make sure that the Dynabolt will stay in the wall, rather than wearing away with the movement of pots.

24 x wire pot holders

24 x 15cm plastic pots

6 x large plastic pots ( 40m- 50 cm)

12 x smaller pots (20 cm)


All of the following plants can be found relatively easily at your local Bunnings or Nursery

I Eureka lemon

1 Meyer lemon

I Tahitian lime

I kaffir lime

I tamarillo

I curry leaf tree

All varieties purchased will be dwarf or miniature where available.

Herbs and vegetables: Chives, Thai basil , Basil, Vietnamese mint ,ordinary mint, coriander, mesclun mix, baby spinach, prostrate rosemary , oregano, marjoram, thyme, garlic chives ,lemon grass, rocket, wild rocket and seasonal vegetable seedlings.

Lots of potting mix

Liquid soil wetting concentrate – I particularly like Seasol, its always worked very well for my garden.

Organic liquid fertiliser – Again, I particularly like the Seasol Brand Power Feed

Learn how to grow citrus trees in pots:

Ok so now we are all ready for the building of your Balcony Vertical garden!
Check back in next week and you will be able to showing the construction and the finished result on the balcony!

If you are starting your own (or a Christmas Present!) Vertical garden, I would love to hear about it!
Post photos or questions on the My Productive Backyard Facebook and Ill do my best to help you!

Happy Gardening!