snow peas sown into inividual cells in a punnet

Here in the Southern Highlands with nearly three weeks of frost, some severe, the ground is too cold to be doing and direct seed sowing this week.

So this week I will be planting seeds into punnets of Asian greens, Broccoli, snow peas, English spinach, rocket and coriander.

Now the English spinach, rocket and coriander I would normally sow directing into the ground where I want to grow them as they dislike having their roots disturbed- so they will be sown into individual large cell punnets so they can be transplanted with no, or minimal, disturbance to their root system.

In a more temperate climate direct sowing can still be done.

You might ask, if I am planting all these seeds every week, how big is the area I grow in and how am I going to use all this produce.

Never fear, my garden is not that big and I rarely have excess produce because I practice succession/successive planting

For Broccoli, I will only plant 4-6 broccoli seeds every two weeks, I use tweezers to pick up and plant individuals seeds. Some do not germinate and I will discard any that look weak, so typically I end up with 2-3 plants that I then plant into the garden once they are good strong plants.

This way, in 12-14 weeks’ time I have 2-3 heads of broccoli every 2 weeks which I easily use in my everyday meal preparation but rarely have excessive amounts.
There are also plenty of side shoots from previously harvested plants which are great for soups and stir-fries.

Plant small amounts often for a continual harvest.

I do this with most of my vegetables.

See link for how to do this for snow peas

Enjoy the weekend and get out and sow some seed.
Happy Gardening