Whilst I often post up what I am putting in my garden at various times of the year, several followers have asked if it is possible for me to post up a “what should I be planting this week” each week.

Although this information is readily available on many websites it often difficult to locate and for the time poor, and a “Hey! plant this now” might be a better way of getting people growing more of their own food.

I will attempt to put up a blog, with a FB post reminder, each Friday afternoon with a list of the things I will be sowing by seed or planting as seedlings over the weekend- I still do most of my vegetable gardening on the weekends even though I am no longer working full time, force of habit.

Friday is a great time to be remainded about what to plant as you can stop in at the nursery on the way home from work or first thing Saturday and pick up what you need, so I think it will work.

I will post up what I am planting and this will be a rough guide for those in a cool climate -Southern Highlands, ACT, Melbourne and Tassie and give some suggestions for those in a more temperate climate – most coastal regions in southern Australia.

This week:23rd June

What I am sowing.
This week I will put in the last of my broad beans and continue my successive planting of Spring onions, rocket, coriander and winter lettuce (Cos and ice berg).

I am starting tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower seedlings indoors for planting out later.

I will also put a punnet of lettuce combo into a 30cm black pot. The black colour of the pot will keep the soil warm. The ground after a few frost is too cool for them to grow quick enough, so they become bitter.

I am planting seedlings on bulb onions and shallots, crowns of asparagus and rhubarb and sprouting a few seeds.

In a temperate climate.

Continue to successive sow rocket coriander lettuce combo Asian greens and spring onions.

Continue to plant seedlings of broccoli and cabbage, celery and chitted potatoes.

The soil should still be warm enough to get one last row of carrots to germinate, just remember to keep them moist until they emerge.

Hope this helps but please remember all planting guides are just that -a guide, as each individual backyard in each area is different.

The best thing you can do is keep records of what you plant when, with notes about how they went and be prepared to experiment- before long you will have your own planting guide that is specific to your area and to the microclimate of your backyard.

As always Happy gardening