Red Mizuna

With the end of June, I am thinking about the spring ahead and this week I am planting seed of Kale and Red and sugar loaf cabbage, just a few of each.

Because I am raising my own seedlings I can control the number of plants I put in and with most plants a little often is the key to continual production.

I have also picked up some seed of the Red Iceberg which I am trying for the first time. Again I will only plant a few this week.

As for for established plants, I have picked up seedlings of Red Mizuna, just because I love the colour and some Kohlrabi.

I don’t use a lot of Kohlrabi but the odd punnet is great for something different.

The other productive plant I am putting in this weekend is a couple of bare rooted Raspberries.

I have not grown raspberries for some years.

I pulled my last lot of canes out as they were taking over and I was having trouble keeping them maintained.
But with a little more time I am keen to try them again as I miss the taste of home grown fruit and they are always so expernsive.Not to mention that I have no ideas what they have been sprayed with to stop them going mushy during storage.

If you are in a more temperate climate (not that it will feel that way this weekend) you can try all the above and also the last successive planting of Snow Peas.

Hope this helps with keeping your garden productive and you have a great weekend in the garden.
Stay warm. Kathy