Growing Mushrooms on Waste Coffee Grounds eBook



Do you like the idea of growing your own mushrooms but don’t know where to start?

Do you have concerns about the amount of waste created by the coffee industry?

This eBook is a complete guide to mushrooms from types of mushrooms to how to grow and cook them. Mushrooms are one of the highest antioxidant foods on the market and are very high in many essential nutrients including Vitamin D, Riboflavin and Selenium. With many mushrooms being considered toxic and poisonous, it’s not recommended to go mushroom picking unless you know your mushrooms! Growing your own is a rewarding and safe way to enjoy mushroom picking and farming.

As a result of my experiments, I am now producing enough high-quality oyster mushrooms each week for our two-person household. I save money, and I have a great sense of accomplishment and self-sufficiency from growing my own food. The purpose of this booklet is to encourage others to try this method of mushroom production. Although mushrooms can be a difficult crop to produce, this booklet will cover everything you need to know to grow mushrooms at home using this abundant waste product.


Learn how to:

  • Grow healthy mushrooms from home
  • Reuse your coffee waste
  • Fun facts about mushrooms
  • Mushroom varieties
  • Harvesting, storing and cooking mushrooms
  • And mush more


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