Plant Nutrition + Fertilising – For Plants That Grow and Thrive eBook



All plants require nutrients to grow and thrive.

In this 16-page downloadable booklet, we will take you through the different kinds of fertilisers your plants need to be at their best. We’ll cover why they need fertilisers in the first place and where you can source high quality, organic fertilisers for your home garden.

All plants require nutrients to grow healthy and thrive, but not all fertilisers and nutrients are equal. Did you know that plant fertilisers aren’t a one size fits all concept. Some plants require more of one nutrient than another, so understanding which is best for certain plant types is paramount. For example, citrus trees require different nutrients in different amounts than native shrubs.

Our convenient and easy to follow eBook covers all you need to know about fertilisers so you can enjoy beautifully healthy plants all year round.


Learn about:

  • Plant nutrients and how they work
  • Plant fertilisers and the difference between organic and synthetic
  • The best fertilisers to use and how to use them
  • What fertilisers to use for specific plant types


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