Garden Design


Have some fantastic land and some big ideas, but don’t know where to start?

Kathy can come out and have a look at the ground you are working with and advise what plants will grow best in which section and how to lay everything out so that your plants get the lights and nutrients they need, while also looking incredible.

From mudmap to complete design and layout, Kathy will discuss with you why and what should be placed where in a completely open and collaborative consultation.

This will result in a finished garden design, which can then be given to a landscaping contractor (and you can ask us for recommendations) for implementation.

All prices for garden design are negotiable and dependant on travel, time and the extent of the consultation.

Please get in touch via the Contact page to get your community garden flourishing!

All garden design consultations must be within a 45-minute radius of the Robertson Post Office (NSW 2577). Outside of this area, travel expenses and general rates can be negotiated.