Blueberries ripening.

I have been harvesting a bumper crop of Blueberries this year so I am freezing some so I have Blueberries all year. I thought I would share the process with you in case you are also lucky enough to have excess harvest.
The frozen product is not quite as good as the fresh product but it is still very good and the way I freeze them they do not clump together and I can extract the exact amount of product I need for my Muesli, muffins or cakes.
This is just a simple pictorial documentation so I hope it explains it well enough for you, any question just ask.


Harvest for the day.


Wash berries well in warm water to remove bugs, dust and cobwebs etc


Dry berries well with paper towel.


Place berries on a tray in a single layer, cover with cling plastic and pop into the freezer overnight.


Remove frozen berries from the freezer.


Working quickly loosen all berries from the tray.


Place berries into a suitable container for freezing.


Date and label all containers and pop them back into the freezer as quickly as possible.

A very straight forward process, so why not try it so you can preserve any excess crop for use later in the year.

Happy freezing Kathy