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Growing organic blueberries

  Home grown organic blueberries are just delightful. Compact  and super easy to grow, blueberries are a must for anyone interested in growing their own food. Blueberries are a long-lived plant and whilst they are expensive to buy, they will give you a lifetime of fruit if planted in the right position and maintained well.…

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Soup, the answer to all your vegetable intake deficiencies.

Soup an easy way of increasing your daily vegetable intake. I really love soup and vegetable-based soups in particular. Pumpkin, carrot, minestrone, broccoli, mushroom, Borsch (beetroot), leek and potato, tomato, and basil, corn the list is endless. I love just vegetable soups but also make those with some added animal protein such as chicken and…

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How to grow Broccoli Sprouts- the new Superfood!

  OK so it has been a week and I am now eating my nutritious broccoli sprouts. They are delicious, crisp, nutty and a little bit hot in the way radishes are, but softer. I had intended to juice them but they are so good I am just eating them from the bowl. I put…

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