A herbal wreath.

I love to give homemade gifts for Christmas and one of my favourites is my herbal wreath. It is very decorative but also useful as the herbs I use dry beautifully whilst hanging on the front door over the festive season and then can be taken inside and used in the kitchen for months otherwards.

So I have documented the process I use, in a pictorial, so you can make this if you wish.

The combination of herbs and flowers is totally up to you, in this wreath I have used rosemary as the base plant and then sage, bay and thyme as they are herbs I use regularlly. The sea holly is purely decorative and is a cut flower that dries well and its colour compliements the colour of the rosemary foliage.

Basket with all my plant material. Rosemary, sage, bay, thyme and sea holly.

Everthing I need to make my herbal wreath – plant material, wreath frame, florist wire and wire cutters.

Bundle several pieces of rosemary together and wire firmly.

You will need at least 12 bundles of rosemary depending on the size of your wreath frame.

Bundle togetherĀ  pieces of bay, sage, thyme and sea holly. Here I have 5 bundles.

Starting at the top of the wreath, start wiring bundles of rosemary onto the wreath. Overlapping each to hide the wire of theĀ  bundle above.

Cover the entire wreath frame with each side meeting in the middle at the bottom of the wreath.

Attach the bundles of other herbs decoratively around the base of the wreath, ensuring one is placed in the centre at the bottom.

Add a ribbon to hide any wiring and to complete the wreath and it is ready to hang or give as a gift.

These are lots of fun to make and the aroma from the herbs is wonderful and quite relaxing so why not make one this festive season, either as a gift or for your own front door.

Happy wreath making Kathy